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Thursday, October 1, 1987

I did two projects for the college I attended (that I remember). One of them was in PASCAL and was used to keep track of player statistics for an international invitational hockey tournament that they held every year.

The more significant project was done in Microsoft-C and (possibly) Vitamin-C (windowing system for MS-DOS). Essentially, at the start of the school year, the students would convene in the gymnasium and course registration would be done at individual banquet tables arranged around the circumference of the room. I developed a graphical system for registering students that ran on the PC. I recall that we used a sneakernet (read: 5.25" floppy discs walked from station to station) to collate the results into a master database.

I did not have any experience with networking at the time and from what Bill Hackborn (my faculty advisor) told me, the system was still in use well into the 1990s.

I had become familiar with Vitamin-C (or similar DOS windowing system) during the summer job I held between my first and second year of college. I worked for Lonnie Nunweiler at KING BYTE in Edmonton, Canada. KING BYTE developed real-time process control software for natural gas pipelines using ANSI-C and the QNX operating system. That job in particular initiated my lifelong love affair with the C language. I had always loved the speed of raw assembly language but hated the tediousness of it.

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