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Friday, November 9, 2012


As the cryptographically-sealed receipt evolves and changes, use PKCS#7Viewer to update your working knowledge of the documented and undocumented fields in the receipt.

I wrote this app as a Q&A/test-harness for the receipt-verification code generator for Tighten Pro. Tighten Pro utilizes 3 distinct receipt parsing implementations as "sanity-checks" for one another. For PKCS#7Viewer, I wrote a recursive PKCS#7 & ASN.1 parser in Objective-C. The tree-view is driven by an all-Objective-C implementation. dumpasn1 is included for comparative output (requires paid license).

In this screenshot, you can see the bundle identifier for the app embedded in the signedPayload of the crypto-signed Mac App Store Receipt.

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