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Thursday, November 25, 2004
2004 MegaPEG HDTV


LICENSEE: Digigami, Inc.
FINAL (REQUIRES G4/G5 or ROSETTA/Snow Leopard): electron-image.ca/DGMEGMAC_esd333.dmg (PASSWORD: 'megapeg')

Much time spent understanding bitstream syntax and the like for MPEG-2 encoding/decoding which ultimately led to MegaPEG HDTV. Essentially my first and last major PowerPlant (C++) application for Mac.

While the Digigami MPEG-2 encoder for Windows was essentially a bug-fix release of the ISO reference source code, I rewrote most major subsystems of the ISO code for the Mac version, including the rate-control mechanism, the quantization algorithms, and as mentioned in the above post, Altivec'd almost every major bottleneck in the encoder. I did the same for the decoder, generating MPressionist as a byproduct. These two projects gave me valuable insight into digital imaging which I use extensively in my skunkworks project(s).

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