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Friday, November 25, 2005
2005 MPressionist HDTV

MPressionist HDTV

LICENSEE: Digigami, Inc.
FINAL (REQUIRES G4/G5 or ROSETTA/Snow Leopard): electron-image.ca/DGMPRMAC_esd333.dmg (PASSWORD: 'mpressionist')

The suite of MPEG-2 stream analysis tools I developed worked well. Unfortunately, I spent a great deal of time writing Altivec (PowerPC) code to optimize them. Some of that work (like writing an Altivec floating-point DCT) was satisfying in it's own way. But the switch to Intel was a slap upside the head. Although I looked into porting the tools to Intel, the writing was on the wall for MPEG-2 (read: H.264) so I moved on to other projects.

This is a screen grab of motion vectors in an ATSC HDTV stream downloaded over-the-air using an Elgato EyeTV and demultiplexed (from MPEG-2 TS) into elementary streams for analysis by/with MPressionist HD.

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