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Monday, November 9, 2015


Hmmm, can I remember the original impetus for Quarantino? I think it was trying to install Android Studio. Which I had to sign with my own Developer ID certificate. I decided I could trust Google, probably. No, wait, it was because Skype was giving a warning. And maybe it wasn't codesigned. In any event, it was a viable use case and fiddling with the command line to check the signing credentials and quarantine status of an app seems like a hassle.

Also, at this point, I was itching to "ape" the look and feel of system utilities like Disk Utility.app.

Like most of my modern ObjC apps, the entire app is based on Cocoa bindings and KVC-compliant controller objects, even for things like security entitlements and so forth. It completely escapes me why this functionality is not included in Interface Builder for iOS.

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